BRYAN ELLIOTT CEO of Centennial Park Cemetery , ACCA Board Member, Past President of ACCA, Chair of Finance & Audit Committee, Conference Committee member and International ACCA Delegate Representative.

ACCA Conference Hobart Wednesday-51
As most of us know, Bryan Elliott has been in our industry for nearly 15 years. He has been engaged with ACCA for 10 of those years, initially as Centennial Park’s Authorised Representative. Such was Bryan’s appetite to get more deeply involved in the industry, he found his way onto the Board of Directors of ACCA, where he became an integral cog in the wheel of our association. He was then appointed to and served the association as its President between October 2010 – October 2012
As a qualified and experienced CPA, Bryan’s financial skill and business acumen was something that the board welcomed with open arms, as all strong boards should possess a mixture of professional skills from various business disciplines. Bryan’s appointment to the ACCA board enabled the finance and accounting box to be ticked immediately.
But soon after that it was Bryan’s ability to engage with other ACCA members that set him apart. His ability to identify an area for improvement or a gap in an operational process of another ACCA member was uncanny.
Bryan had a way of identifying these opportunities and then calmly going about engaging with the particular member and working through the solution with them until the gap had been successfully closed.
The ACCA Board also discovered another skill that Bryan had, and that was of a professional Master of Ceremonies. Maybe it stems from his accounting background, but Bryan has the ability to follow instructions to the letter, and rarely missed a beat when performing the task of MC at numerous ACCA events. This led Bryan to then represent ACCA overseas at international industry events, where ACCA presented Australia’s cemetery and crematoria industry to the rest of the world.
Bryan not only attended these events on behalf of ACCA, he presented technical content at them. He stood in exhibition stands and handed out brochures. He spoke to industry people from all over the world. He even handed out little koala teddies holding Australian flags to the throngs of adoring Asian delegates that attended the Asian Funeral Expo in Hong Kong.
Bryan also had an acute understanding of the importance of RELATIONSHIPS. The ability to build meaningful and long term relationships would open up doors to us as individuals, as organisations, as associations, and as an entire industry.
When it came to the annual ACCA Conference or the Mid-Year Seminar, Bryan was front and centre ready to help. Let’s consider the fact that in the lead up to each of these events, there is an enormous amount of work to be done. The discussion; planning; phone calls; emails; debates; negotiations; disagreements; and then agreements. And then, during the event itself, there are the hours of listening to professional speakers, the digesting of technical information provided to us from industry speakers and suppliers, the taking of notes, the process of registering and welcoming all delegates, and the numerous phone calls and emails back to his own office at Centennial Park to make sure that everything was running smoothly. Bryan was involved in all of this.
Bryan has been a true professional of our industry; an intelligent and logical contributor at board level and across technical disciplines; a fierce but fair combatant when there is a debate to be had; a gentleman when it came time for social engagements; a true friend to many in our industry; and a man who was able to build relationships with people whenever he represented ACCA whether it be across our great nation here in Australia, or overseas.
And Bryan did all of this with one sole purpose. And that purpose was to ensure that our industry and those that work in it were better for the experience.
Bryan on behalf of the Board and all members of ACCA (which includes the many wonderful suppliers to our industry), we thank you for your contribution to our association and our industry over the past fifteen years, we are grateful that you chose to take us on the journey with you, we are extremely happy that we have been able to provide the conduit for you to develop yourself and your organisation at Centennial Park, and we wish you the very best for the next chapter in your life.

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