Using personal stories and case studies this keynote presentation will reinforce the critical role of cemeteries in providing families and friends with an important connection to lost loved ones, both at the time of the funeral or cremation and beyond. It will give the leaders an opportunity to revisit the compelling and self-evident purpose served by their organisations and the sense of pride that all staff should be able to feel about the work they do.

Through this connection, industry leaders can celebrate the incredible contribution cemeteries make to the community and acknowledge the many small things that their teams do, every day, to make a real difference to the community.

The key learning from the keynote is about leaders, at every level of leadership, being clear about their core leadership message in the small things that make the biggest difference.

This concept of the Power of The Small Things, is based on the idea that any person or organization that does something great that the world can see, will have achieved many small things that world will never see!  It is at this level that real leadership takes place! Leadership on a moment-by-moment and day-by-day basis.

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